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The City of Love; The Forum; The Old Smoke; The Eternal City; The Grey City; Venice of the North; The City of Violet Crown; The Whitestone
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How can two fates be so different? You two are like night and day.

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… my whole sky craves
an island of tenderness.
My rivers tilt towards you.
Marina Tsvetaeva, from “My ear attends to you,” in Selected Poems, translated by Elaine Feinstein (Penguin Classics, 1994)
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orphan black meme | ten scenes
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Title: Bloom
Artist: Pogo
Plays: 198455


Bloom - medley by Pogo

(Ab Major)

All the best parts about Disney music in one beautiful song. And it’s in A-flat, a.k.a. the best key ever and it has Aurora’s beautiful opera thing. c:

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maybe the real aesthetic was the friends we made along the way

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